Brazilian Federal Solid Waste Legislation

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Efficient selective waste collection using an electric cart in Londrina.

Over the past 11 years, organized recyclers in Brazil have been involved in the design of federal waste management legislation. The law, which was sanctioned in 2011, recognizes the importance of the roles recyclers play in the waste management process. The law requires municipalities to develop waste management strategies, and suggests the possibility of funding for future improvements in systems.

There are some challenges associated with the new legislation. In addition to issues surrounding monitoring of the law, there are some flaws in the wording of certain sections. In particular, some segments allow for the possibility of loopholes that prioritize incineration and exclude informal recyclers from the management process. Another shortcoming of the law is that is does not recognize independent recyclers, nor the scrap dealing with whom they trade.

While the approval of the waste management legislation marked a tremendous success for recyclers in Brazil, there are still areas that need alteration in order to fully recognize and protect recycling groups.

*This blog is based on the article: Gutberlet, Jutta (2011). Waste to Energy, Wasting Resources and Livelihoods. Integrated Waste Management – Volume I, Sunil Kumar (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-469-6, InTech.

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