Participatory Video: A Tool for Capacity Development, Community Networking and Awareness Building

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Worldwide, the number of livelihoods in both developing and developed countries that depend on resource recovery is increasing. These groups often suffer from social exclusion, being seen as ‘dumpster divers’ or ‘scavengers’. However, they provide a valuable environmental service by diverting materials from the waste stream.

Participatory Video (PV) is a strategy increasingly applied as a tool for developing capacity and empowering socially marginalized groups. PV uses video as a medium to allow the voices of excluded and disempowered groups to be heard. This methodology can create positive social and environmental change by building awareness throughout the broader community about issues facing marginalized groups. PV can also catalyze discussions at a governmental level leading toward policies directed at creating inclusive governance and reducing social exclusion.

As part of the Participatory Sustainable Waste Management (PSWM) initiative, PV projects were carried out in Brazil and Canada with the goal of mobilizing experiences and knowledge of recyclers.

Read our next blog to learn about these projects and their outcomes.

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